Helping Businesses Define Their Identity in the Marketplace

Don’t Travel Down the Road to Success Without Taking Yourself With You.
Success Comes In Knowing Who You Are.
If You Want People to Trust You, You Have To Know Who You Are.


Global Identity Consulting is dedicated to enhancing and ensuring the prosperity and success of the global economy by investing in the identity of businesses and products throughout the world. We understand that humanity is the heartbeat that drives any company. We seek to introduce and perpetuate a new culture of business that obtains success through focusing on the heart of a company, while utilizing its identity to increase it’s profit margin.


Brand Identity


  • GIC provides an understanding of who you are as a business
  • Establishes and solidifies a foundation mindset from which business can be conducted
  • Discovers what makes your business special in the market, and establishes ways to utilize that character to create an advantageous niche in the market


  • GIC provides ideas and instructions on how to take your business, or any aspect of your business to the next level
  • Provides motivational speeches for sales force or staff
  • Offers one- on- one counseling on how to form a business for new entrepreneurs

Strategy and Analysis

  • GIC reviews all systems, businessmodels, and operations of your business to determine where improvements or adjustments can be made
  • Offers solutions to any problems plaguing your business’s productivity
  • Offers quick ways on how to troubleshoot any unforeseen issues or emergencies that arise

Global Identity Consulting GIC is dedicated to developing and enhancing businesses, through strategies and analyses that are consistent with their identity. At all stages of business development, there are numerous opportunities for a business to forget ‘who they are and their purpose in society. Global Identity Consulting utilizes methods to establish, or remind a company of it’s uniqueness in the marketplace. Once this foundation is solidified, analysis of operations, financials, structures, and marketing are conducted, in order to seamlessly flow through the interface of the foundation of your company- making it a solid competitor in the market.

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